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The Hunt

A Sci-fi Dystopian Romance by L.R. Hicks

June 17, 2019

Ebook: $2.99 Kindle Unlimited: Free! Paperback: $9.99

Every five years the available women of Lendhi's village are thrown out into the wilderness and left to fend for themselves while the men hunt them down. It's archaic. It's barbaric. And still very much in practice.

Lendhi finds herself on the cusp of participation. If she can survive a year in the wild she can become a hunter herself and provide for her family. If caught, she must submit to society's expectations of serving her mate and bearing him children.

In L.R. Hicks' dystopian romance, discover heartache and redemption. Love and obssession. Welcome to The Hunt.

Brick Wilson: Clueless

A Sci-fi satire by Marq Truong

July 17, 2018

Ebook: $2.99 Kindle Unlimited: Free!

Paperback: $10.49

Return to the Ultimate Galactic Universe with Brick Wilson as he attempts to rescue Hilep, the wealthiest man in the Ultimate Universe, who has kidnapped himself. See what happens when you surgically remove your split personality? With a crime that has even UGH rendered apethetic, can Brick save the bazillionaire from his own clutches and restore illogical order to the universe?


A Science Fiction Romance Novella

by L.R. Hicks

March 17th, 2018

Ebook: $.99   Kindle Unlimited: Free!

 Paperback: $7.99

Samiyah is the ideal human woman. She lives on the ranch, the best place to buy human stock in the galaxy cluster. For years she trains to be the best sex slave money can buy. Now, the time has come for her to leave with her new master.

She begs her friend, the old Parishioner, to help her escape. When he does, her expectations disappear with the only life she has ever known.

Adventure, ancient relics, and love of different spectrums await her.

The Universe Sucks: Existence is Futile by Elona Schitter

Science Fiction Satire Poetry

Reluctantly Edited by Marq Truong

March 17th, 2018

Paperback: $5.50

Ebook: $.99   Kindle Unlimited: Free!

Elona Schitter takes the reader on a dark and disturbing emotional  journey through her depressing view of the Ultimate Galactic Universe.  She makes no apologies for, “...just telling it like I see it.” The Editor, Marq Truong says, “I had so many tequila shots reading this I ran out of limes. This is poetry at its worst. Elona channels Depression-incarnate.”

Edge of Ridiculous

An Science Fiction/Fantasy Comedy by Anne Coffer

May 17, 2017

Paperback: $11.99

Ebook: $.99    Kindle Unlimited: Free!

She's human. He's not.

For the most part. We're pretty sure.

Maybe a little human...humanoid at least.


George isn't her real name. Bob isn't his. When fate intervenes on the loop in Lubbock, Texas, nothing will be the same for George again. Her fantasies of a fairy tale adventure come true.

Except for the part with the monsters. And the jail time. And the absolute vomit-inducing terror of creating an online dating profile.

Brick Wilson: For Hire

A Sci-Fi Satire by Marq Truong

June 17, 2015

Paperback: $10.50

Ebook: $1.49    Kindle Unlimited: Free!

Brick Wilson’s adventure takes the reader crashing through universes, galaxies, circuits and alternate realities where anything can and does happen. On his search for the lost (or was it stolen?) Pesnort, Brick is continually challenged by dangers real and imagined as he skillfully avoids the Ultimate Galactic Headquarters Tax Authority, dodges the increasingly menacing plots for his demise by arch nemesis Terd Murchison, and is continually stalked and mocked by the color Red. Can he save the Pesnort, the Universe and himself with a psychotic android in tow?

Brick invites everyone to tag along on his chaotic ride through the Ultimate Galactic Universe. Well, not literally everyone. There are a few Yogalarian bookies he’d rather not find him and would appreciate if no one gave them a heads up, as he is sorely lacking the funds to make good on an ill placed, guaranteed sure-to-win wager. Always read the fine print, as anything guaranteed sure-to-win does not necessarily impart who will win, but rather explicitly states it will most likely not be the party placing the wager. Welcome to Brick Wilson’s universe. Cheers.

The Testament of Danjikar

An Alien Fantasy Short Story

by Ann Lavendar

Ebook: $.99  Kindle Unlimited: Free!

Danjikar is desperate to save his colony. Thrust blindly into authority, he leads an exodus into the ruined lands. He must remain strong and hide his wavering faith or they all will perish.

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