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Meet Our Authors

(In Alphabetical Order)

Anne Coffer

Anne Coffer lives in West Texas where nothing grows but the imagination.

Born in the 80s and growing up in a small town in New Mexico, only the local library offered escape from the confines of reality and school.

She won her first writing contest in 7th grade and has felt empowered to force her stories on people ever since.

She’s sorry.

Genre: Horror, Fantasy

Published Works: Edge of Ridiculous, Crowbar

Current Project: The Demon, The Witch, and The Wardrobe Malfunction

Connect With Anne:

L.R. Hicks

Genre: Science Fiction, Romance

Published Works: Samiyah, The Hunt

Current Project: TBA

L.R. lives in Washington amongst the trees and mountains, enjoying hiking, camping, and writing when the mood suits.

Ann Lavendar

Genre: Historical & Literary Fiction, Fantasy

Published Works: Testament of Danjikar, Letters: Margaret Florence Baine, Letters: Evelyn Rose Whitten

Current Project: Unnamed Fantasy Novel, Next installment of Letters

Connect With Ann:

Ann Lavendar is an author of Fiction, Historical Fiction, Fantasy and Creative Nonfiction. In a long career spanning decades, she has worked in many faces of the writing industry under various pen names.

Today, Ann Lavendar lives in the beautiful mountains of Southern California, enjoying life with her husband and youngest son. Aside from her writing pursuits, she enjoys hiking, traveling, skiing, spending days at the beach, laughing, singing and otherwise enjoying life.

Marq Truong

Genre: Sci-Fi Satire

Published Works: Brick Wilson: For Hire, The Universe Sucks: Existence is Futile

Current Project: Brick Wilson: Clueless

Connect With Marq:

It is rumored that Marq Truong is, in fact, a fictional science fiction author in a larger novel someone else is writing. It is also rumored the rest of us are characters in that story as well. ~ A dubias, anonymous account copied from a lavatory wall in Quadrant II

It is rumored Marq Truong is so incredibly cool that each morning he paraglides from his mountain abode, treks across a vast wilderness of exotic and dangerous creatures, forages for sustenance and drinks from the river of creativity. Of course, some say he more likely stumbles out of bed and down the stairs in a bathrobe, tripping over the cat and groggily feels his way to the coffee pot before even bothering to open his eyes to grab yesterday’s left over doughnut. ~ Frederica LaDavorie who alleges to have heard this in her travels into the uncharted Quadrants.

Mishka Williams

Genre: High Fantasy

Published Works: Dragon Bloode: Covet

Current Project: Dragon Bloode: Rebirth

Connect With Mishka:

Mishka Williams lives in West Texas with her husband and five fur babies. When she doesn’t have her head in the clouds she occupies herself with writing, artwork, and gaming. She’s a reality escape artist, pretty weird, and a stay at home dog mom. She’s obsessed with D&D and feels strange writing about herself in third person.

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