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We are excited to announce the newest branch in the LeeLoo Publishing family tree: Learning With LeeLoo.
Learning With LeeLoo is a new, special division of LeeLoo Publishing where you can find staged readers for children at all the fundamental stages of learning! Whether it is a 'read with me' book for special time reading together, or for students beginning their independent reading journey, you will find all Learning With LeeLoo reading and supplemental materials easily color coded from pre-K to fourth grade reading levels.
For parents, educators and librarians, we have book specific downloadable materials available free.

The first title of our new subdivision is Abigail the Youngest Archaeologist. More to come soon!


July 17th, 2019

Abigail: The Youngest Archaeologist

Adventures in Egypt

The Temple of Horus

Children's Beginner Reader | History

Abigail, at eight years old, is the world's youngest archaeologist! Or, at least she thinks so!

Travel with Abigail and discover the marvels of Ancient Egypt!

The Abigail series' of books are level 3 readers intended for children from first to third grade who have begun their independent journey. They may require some assistance.

The Temple of Horus at Edfu introduces new vocabulary words, fun illustrations of real artifacts, elements of geography and history, and introduces the use of an appendix. Excellent for new independent readers, but also a great opportunity to read and learn about Ancient Egypt together!

To enhance your child's experience, resource materials (including worksheets, tests, and coloring pages) for parents, librarians, and teachers are available for free download.

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