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The story of Margaret Florence Baine, or Maggie, begins in 1898 with a series of letters written to her close cousin who has traveled West to live in Texas with her family. Maggie’s five years of letters depict the journey of a young woman of privilege as she discovers the triumphs and tribulations of love, life and self discovery. The reader experiences a unique and deep perspective as they watch her grow from the girl she was taught to be into the woman she chooses to become.

Letters: Margaret Florence Baine

A Historical Fiction by Ann Lavendar

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Evelyn Rose Whitten’s story begins in 1948 when she has just turned seventeen. Eve, though still in High School, finds herself in a heated romance which leaves her needing a hasty marriage. One moment she is a school girl and the next she is a married woman with a child on the way. Facing ever more difficult trials and decisions, her life is caught in a raging tempest she fights to master but cannot contain. Witness her struggle through a series of letters as she strives to discover herself and determine which means more, love or honor.

Letters: Evelyn Rose Whitten

A Historical Fiction by Ann Lavendar

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