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The Hunt
Abigail: The Youngest Archeologist

Marq Truong

Genre: Sci-Fi Satire

Published Works: Brick Wilson: For Hire, The Universe Sucks: Existence is Futile

Current Project: Brick Wilson: Clueless

Connect With Marq:

Quality books without curbing

inspiration and creativity.

It is rumored that Marq Truong is, in fact, a fictional science fiction author in a larger novel someone else is writing. It is also rumored the rest of us are characters in that story as well. ~ A dubias, anonymous account copied from a lavatory wall in Quadrant II

It is rumored Marq Truong is so incredibly cool that each morning he paraglides from his mountain abode, treks across a vast wilderness of exotic and dangerous creatures, forages for sustenance and drinks from the river of creativity. Of course, some say he more likely stumbles out of bed and down the stairs in a bathrobe, tripping over the cat and groggily feels his way to the coffee pot before even bothering to open his eyes to grab yesterday’s left over doughnut. ~ Frederica LaDavorie who alleges to have heard this in her travels into the uncharted Quadrants.

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