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Coming March 17, 2018

The Universe Sucks: Existence is Futile

by Elona Schitter

Reluctantly Edited by Marq Truong

Elona Schitter takes the reader on a dark and disturbing emotional journey through her depressing view of the Ultimate Galactic Universe. She makes no apologies for, “...just telling it like I see it.” The Editor, Marq Truong says, “I had so many tequila shots reading this I ran out of limes. This is poetry at its worst. Elona channels Depression-incarnate.”


Science Fiction Satire + Poetry

Coming March 17, 2018


by L.R. Hicks

Samiyah is the ideal human woman. She lives on the ranch, the best place to buy human stock in the galaxy cluster. For years she trains to be the best sex slave money can buy. Now, the time has come for her to leave with her new master.


She begs her friend, the old Parishioner, to help her escape. When he does, her expectations disappear with the only life she has ever known.


Adventure, ancient relics, and love of different spectrums await her.

Science Fiction + Adventure + Romance

Coming April 2018

Brick Wilson: Clueless

by Marq Truong

Return to the Ultimate Galactic Universe with Brick Wilson as he attempts to rescue Hilep, the wealthiest man in the Ultimate Universe, who has kidnapped himself. See what happens when you surgically remove your split personality? With a crime that has even UGH rendered helpless, can Brick save the bazillionaire from his own clutches and restore illogical order to the universe?

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Science Fiction + Satire

Coming Spring 2018


by Jed Wood

What would you expect to emerge from a mysterious pit between the mortal world and Hell? Horrific demons? Nightmarish monsters? A crisp, clean businessman ready to close a real estate deal? Valerie Cochran certainly doesn’t expect it to be her boyfriend, but then, nothing is what it seems. Puppies shows love can be a truly frightening affair, even for the Devil, himself.

Coming November 2018

Dragon Bloode: Rebirth

by Mishka Williams

Arik Vierthaler has thrown the Draak Empire into chaos with a single rebellious act. In the aftermath of his actions, the Dragon flees with his Abhilaasa, leaving the empire without protection. The elves and fae grow restless along the borders. With Raerik Furne missing, no Dragons are left to protect them and their enemies seize on the Draak's weakened state.


Deep in the mines of Mt. Narsari, an old man discovers the secret to the empire's salvation...


Return to the gothic fantasy of Alperin in Williams' sequel to Dragon Bloode: Covet.

High Fantasy + Adult

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