Coffer, Anne

Anne is an author of horror and fantasy.


She's currently working on

The Demon, The Witch, and

The Wardrobe Malfunction,

set to release in spring of



Published Works:

Crowbar, Edge of


Lavendar, Ann

Ann is an author of historical, literary, and fantasy fiction.


She's currently working on a fantasy novel in addition to the next installment of her Letters series.


Published Works:

Testament of Danjikar, Letters: Margaret Florence Baine, Letters: Evelyn Rose Whitten

Truong, Marq

| twitter | website |

Marq is a fictional author of science fiction satire.


He's currently working on the sequel to his first novel, Brick Wilson: Clueless set to release November 2017.


Published Works:

Brick Wilson: For Hire

Williams, Mishka

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Mishka is an author of dark and high fantasy.


She's currently working on the sequel to her debut novel, Dragon Bloode: Rebirth set to release in summer of 2018.


Published Works:

Dragon Bloode: Covet

Wood, Jed



Jed is an author of romantic

horror and suspense.


He's currently working on his

debut title Puppies set to release in the spring of 2018.


Published Works: None


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